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Retail reVision

Engaging Mixed-Use Environments that Connect People and Place

Retail reVision pursues the redevelopment of existing, underperforming retail properties that can benefit from a program that reinvigorates existing retail properties with new uses. Retail reVision will work with existing owners as a joint venture partner, an incentive-fee manager or as an advisor.

We go beyond conventional retail solutions to create engaging, mixed-use environments that connect people and place.  With nearly fifty years of success developing and redeveloping complex assets, we create mixed-use properties that welcome office, residential, retail, entertainment, hotel and the local community to customer-friendly, 18-hour daily experience rich destinations.

Our mixed-use developments across the country have been heralded for revitalizing neighborhoods, funding public projects, and providing community gathering spaces that breathe new life into aging properties. Foremost in our approach to any project is our belief that people – the people who work with us, the people who use our properties, and the people we serve – are the most valuable asset in real estate.


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