Since our founding in 1972, Lowe has consistently created and nurtured lasting relationships with our investment clients and partners.  We actively invest alongside quality partners in a wide variety of joint venture structures.

We are committed to transparency and strong real estate investment performance. We work to identify opportunities that match the strengths and competitive advantages of our firm.   We pursue opportunities where we can make a difference with physical and operational improvements, and our background as a property manager and developer gives us insights that inform our approach to uncovering value in real estate assets.

In structuring our ventures, we pride ourselves on offering a full-service model, on having flexibility to meet the needs of our partners and on aligning interests. We currently manage $1.5 billion of investments through joint ventures in both value-add and development strategies.


We have a keen interest in working with others, sharing ideas and customizing approaches and solutions that are specific to the task at hand.  Staying true to place is at the core of our real estate development approach.

There are no ready-made design standards that typify our projects; we view each property with an appreciation of its surroundings and place in the community. Our projects are recognizable by the care that is taken to best serve the interests of everyone involved and deliver the best possible result.

The environments in which we all live, work and play have evolved, bringing new complexity and challenges to a developer’s ability to meet the desires of the marketplace and also serve the needs of the community.  Lowe is ideally suited to meet these challenges.  We specialize in creating customized solutions for our partners and communities by integrating our diverse expertise in all types of commercial real estate developments to deliver superior projects and innovative, lasting environments that connect people and place.

Beyond our real estate expertise, we believe our projects succeed due to the outstanding relationships that we build and maintain with our investors, partners, tenants, guests and communities. We are passionate about creating spaces and finding design solutions that deliver superior returns to our investors and meaningful experiences for our tenants and guests, with minimal impact on the environment. We bring multi-faceted teams who combine design and construction expertise with an enthusiasm for collaborative sharing of ideas and customizing solutions for our partners and communities.

Lowe creates single-tenant and multi-tenant office developments that provide efficient and innovative workplaces. In addition to developing a customized space that satisfies the client’s business needs, we are focused on creating welcoming, engaging, collaborative work environments that help business owners attract and retain satisfied employees in a highly competitive market.

Our concern for the environment is evident in the sustainable practices we integrate into building design.  From the latest innovations in energy efficient practices to simply recycling at building sites, we look for every opportunity to lessen our impact on our environment.


Our breadth of expertise gives us a distinct advantage in delivering superior mixed-use developments.  Our background in commercial, residential and hospitality development is ideally suited to creating a mix of uses.

Nowhere is our mission to connect people and place more evident than when combining multiple property types in one location.  The result is a dynamic environment for tenants and guests that provides local amenities as well as a source of revenue to the community.

Our approach to retail is specifically tailored to each project and neighborhood, with a primary interest to attract quality retailers that will provide needed services to the community.

We have developed neighborhood centers and power centers, and redeveloped a regional mall.  But more often, our retail projects are a component of an office building or mixed-use property.

We are an active developer of infill multifamily properties with a particular focus on sites with beneficial access to amenities and transit. Our properties are designed to reflect their surroundings and seamlessly integrate with the existing neighborhood.  Each property has an individual character and spirit, with interiors, amenities, gathering spaces and services carefully chosen to give residents what they need and want.

Beyond providing shelter, we develop multifamily projects that help our residents integrate all aspects of their lives.  We strive to create environments that provide a comfortable, welcoming home as well as a place for work, entertaining, and recreation.

We combine state of the art sustainable practices with design to ensure our properties are energy efficient and environmentally cautious.

We develop and redevelop world-class hotel and resort properties nationwide.  Our distinctive and authentic hotels and resorts celebrate the history and legacy of their destinations, integrating regional traditions, indigenous landscaping, sustainable practices and vernacular styles of architecture into each project.

State-of-the-art sustainable practices that create energy efficiency and environmentally cautious properties are part of our design process.

Since our first public-private partnership in 1983, we have partnered successfully with public and institutional clients to help them accomplish their real estate goals. From build-to-suit services on single buildings, to complex master planning and entitlement services for large  real estate assets, our expertise in all property types offers our clients a broad set of skills to add value to their project and deliver superior results.

We value the development of successful partnerships and working relationships with our public and institutional clients. It is these relationships that create outstanding projects that enhance the community.


Lowe’s hospitality-inspired property management service delivers performance and service beyond the expected to authentically connect people to the places they work. Our expertise is rooted in 40+ years of industry experience; sustained through continuous innovation and a passionate commitment to those we serve year after year.  We bring operating discipline and thoughtful attention to detail to every building, partnership, and experience we create. With this balanced perspective, we understand what drives the bottom line.  Real estate has changed, but our spirit of hospitality remains the same; building community, infusing creativity, and making the workplace an environment where people love to stay.

As asset and property managers of hotel and resort properties through CoralTree Hospitality Group, customer service is second nature to us.  Lowe’s legacy of hospitality, dedication to customer service and respect for the value of relationships, developed over 46 years of hotel and resort management, is ingrained in our culture and naturally continues with CoralTree Hospitality. We take a different approach to travel by delivering distinctive, memorable experiences that celebrate the surroundings, community and culture of each individual property.  No two visits to our properties will be the same.

We bring dedication to warm, welcoming, exemplary service to all properties we manage.

For over 40 years, we’ve been developing and managing successful commercial properties and world class hotels and resorts. Our expertise and spirit of hospitality make up the foundation of Lowe’s hospitality-inspired property management, offering a workplace solution that authentically connects people to the places they work.

Through our hospitality-inspired management training program, our workplace employees are given the tools to deliver performance and service beyond the expected. We assemble teams of experienced managers, vetted third party building engineers, and hands-on transition teams that work together to achieve optimum operations. Just as we would at our five-star resorts, we go one step further to bring localized programming, visionary design, and welcoming building hosts who make all clients feel like they truly belong.

It’s through this combination of operating rigor and client service that we create meaningful experiences and engaging environments where people love to stay.

For us, it’s second nature. This is hospitality at work.

Our hotel and resort  management history dates to 1973 when we developed our first hospitality property and took on its operation.  That spirit of hospitality became embedded in our company culture as we grew, expanded and eventually sold that first hospitality management company.

We now mark a new chapter of hotel and resort operations with CoralTree Hospitality, led by veteran senior executives of Lowe and Destination Hotels who have built their hospitality careers with us.  Our management team brings to CoralTree Hospitality expert leadership, deep hospitality experience, and a commitment to the service, culture and values that define our company. Providing property management to 17 properties across the US and in Puerto Rico, and asset management services to Lowe’s resort portfolio, CoralTree Hospitality is a return to our roots, with a spirit of individuality, a focus on each property’s attributes and surroundings and an emphasis on personalized, exceptional service.  As hotel owners and developers ourselves, we have a firsthand understanding of how to optimize the value of every hotel we manage

 We believe our job is to create engaging  environments and meaningful experiences that connect people and place.

Travel is good for the soul.